Casa A.N

Design : HinzStudio
Construction : Hinzconstruction
Architect in Charge : Phan Văn Trần Tuấn
Location : Đà Nẵng
Area : 391 sqm
Years : 2020

Photos by : Quang Trần

AN – a peaceful place to return to. 
The house bears the wish of a son for his parents, a wish for the place where their grandchildren will grow, as is a wish for a home wherein the three generations of the family will live in peace, in happiness, and in love. Each of the three floors of the house is carefully crafted to their intended uses.The first floor is a placement of open spaces, following the ground of polished stone to a bedroom opening toward a quiet garden at the back of the house. The second floor houses four bedrooms and a veranda connecting with a common-use space. Finally, on the third floor stands the altar of the family.

On a horizontal view, the house is comprised of three mini houses, each with their own roof system. Of these, the middle mini house plays the middleman role, interconnecting the privates spaces while also opens up a flow of natural wind. Wood doors are installed throughout, the interior ones opening to the common space and the outer garden.

From the ground floor upon the staircase is a display of nature light by the ceiling slits, animating and warming the house with its transform throughout the day. The material used is a mix of concrete, red brick, polished stone, and wood. These are breathable material, guaranteeing a cool space even in the hottest days of over 40 degree Celsius.

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