Design : HinzStudio
Construction : Local Labours
Architect in Charge : Phan Văn Trần Tuấn
Photographer : Quang Trần
Location : Bình Dương
Area : 95m2
Years : 2020

This is a LacquerWare showroom in Binh Duong City _Vietnam. The old one used to have ancient tiled roofs covered with moss color for decades. The original goal set out by the design team was to preserve the roof and highlight its value against the background of a new “body”.
The entire interior space is divided into 3 zones connected together by a solemn, soft arched passageway located at the inner core of the intersection of random and powerful blocks. All are sheltered by a roof system with traditional designs and moss roof tiles, but supported by a bearing system with modern structure by slender but sturdy steel bars. Strong contrast between the elements order and random, dignified and disruptive, traditional and modern,…. in a harmonious whole is the concept throughout this project.
The strong rise and enduring value of a traditional Vietnamese craft village in the modern context of society is the idea that Hinzstudio wants to convey through this project.

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